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Which Way to Anywhere book cover: Four kids ride on a skateboard with a full moon behind them; two kids look excited and two look frightened; a small robot with many tools for arms follows behind them

Which Way to Anywhere

age 9+

Chaotic but fun intergalactic romp mends blended family.

By: Cressida Cowell (2023)
A Horse Named Sky book cover: Brown spotted horse with white mane running across mountain meadow

A Horse Named Sky

age 8+

Thrilling, info-rich tale of young mustang in Silver Rush.

By: Rosanne Parry (2023)
Zombie Season book cover: Three tweens brandish weapons and assume fighting stances; three zombies lurk above and behind them, partially in the darkness

Zombie Season: Book 1

age 8+

Clever kids fight zombies in interesting series starter.

By: Justin Weinberger (2023)
My First Day book cover: A boy stand-up paddling through a blue sky above lush multicolored waves

My First Day

age 4+

Boy paddles down Mekong River in stunning journey to school.

Book cover: Three kids stand side by side, looking very serious.

The Maze of Bones: The 39 Clues: A Graphic Novel, Book 1

age 10+

Plucky orphans compete for millions in busy adventure.

By: Rick Riordan (2023)
The head of a teen with long black braided hair is encircled by the full moon. Her blue cloak is tangled in glowing blue-green flowering vines. She holds a knife in one hand.

Lucha of the Night Forest

age 14+

Unfocused dystopian drug tale has strong female hero.

By: Tehlor Kay Mejia (2023)
Girl Forgotten cover: Black background with red headphones over the words Girl in red (the letters are shattered) and Forgotten in white

Girl Forgotten

age 13+

Teen's podcast investigates murder in page-turning thriller.

By: April Henry (2023)
Contenders: Two Native Baseball Players, One World Series cover image: Illustrations of early 20th century baseball pitcher with glove on left and baseball batter on right with bat

Contenders: Two Native Baseball Players, One World Series

age 8+

Great sports history book details triumph despite racism.

By: Traci Sorell (2023)
Rebel Girls Rock cover: Red background, title in teal and purple text, illustrations of 4 women rock stars under title

Rebel Girls Rock: 25 Tales of Women in Music

age 7+

Energetic, uplifting biographies of women in music.

By: Rebel Girls (2023)
Book cover: Latina girl in overalls looks up confidently

Shine On, Luz Véliz!

age 9+

Girl deals with change in hopeful coming-of-age tale.

By: Rebecca Balcárcel (2022)
Attack of the Black Rectangles: The top half of a boy is shown with a black bar over his mouth. Above and around him are a series of words black out except for the title Attack of the Black Rectangles.

Attack of the Black Rectangles

age 11+

Smart, sensitive kids shine in engaging tale of censorship.

By: Amy Sarig King (2023)
Hide and Geek book cover with blond girl, brown dog, Black boy, Latina girl, redheaded boy

Hide and Geek, Book 1

age 8+

Tweens race to save town in lively, brainy mystery.

By: T. P. Jagger (2022)
The Tower of Life Book Cover: A young girl with dark hair wearing a blue and white gingham dress holds photographs to her chest, a sketch of a small town behind her.

The Tower of Life: How Yaffa Eliach Rebuilt Her Town in Stories and Photographs

age 9+

Affecting true story of a Holocaust survivor and historian.

By: Chana Stiefel (2022)
A blond-haired woman in a voluminous green gown dripping in light and pink flowers stares at a the ruin of a glowing gateway with a peaked roof

Chain of Thorns: The Last Hours, Book 3

age 15+

Fierce friendships shine in mature Shadowhunter finale.

By: Cassandra Clare (2023)
The cover illustration shows a red sun rising over the Himalayas.

Karma of the Sun

age 13+

Teen hero aims to stop doomsday in thoughtful adventure.

Illustration of a determined young brown woman standing between two large, menacing claws. Two young men are each seated in his own circle at her feet. The dark-haired young man holds a small, glowing stick and a white-haired young man in tatters holds a knife.

The Buried and the Bound

age 14+

Friendship is the heart of this dark, compelling fantasy.

By: Rochelle Hassan (2023)
Book cover: City Spies City of the Dead, with pyramid, Sphinx, and kids

City of the Dead: City Spies, Book 4

age 9+

Thrilling, fast-paced adventure takes spy kids to Egypt.

By: James Ponti (2023)
Black couple in foreground; three Black women in background, in bright yellow early 20th century outfits

The Davenports

age 12+

Teen girls come of age in exciting historical romance.

By: Krystal Marquis (2023)
The In-Between book cover: Illustration that shows a young girl lying on a bed reading, sitting on the edge of a bed, studying at a desk, and reading in a chair

The In-Between

age 10+

Haunting memoir of a turbulent six weeks in a teen's life.

By: Katie Van Heidrich (2023)