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From privacy and platform accountability to media diversity and child development, our experts are trusted and relied upon by sources around the world. Read more about our experts and let us know how we can help you tell the story of the future of kids and media.

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Headshot of James P. Steyer
James P. Steyer

Globally recognized leader in child advocacy, tech and media policy, privacy, and civil rights and civil liberties

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Headshot of Betsy Bozdech
Betsy Bozdech

Movie/TV ratings and reviews, family viewing habits

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Headshot of Jill Murphy
Jill Murphy

Parenting with media and tech, and media use trends

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Headshot of Merve Lapus
Merve Lapus

Digital literacy and citizenship, and professional development trends for educators

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Headshot of Amina Nawaz Fazlullah
Amina Nawaz Fazlullah

Digital equity, broadband policy, closing the digital divide

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Headshot of Danny Weiss
Danny Weiss

Public policy, media and tech policy, government affairs

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Headshot of Li Lai
Li Lai

Diversity and representation in media

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Headshot of Kelly Mendoza, Ph.D.
Kelly Mendoza, Ph.D.

Digital literacy and citizenship, media literacy, and social/emotional learning

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Headshot of Girard Kelly
Girard Kelly

Tech privacy ratings and reviews, data privacy and industry best practices

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Headshot of Amanda Lenhart
Amanda Lenhart

Research on the impact of media and technology on kids

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Headshot of Laura Ordoñez
Laura Ordoñez

Trends in apps, podcasts, and platforms

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Lisa Cohen

Communications Advisor

lisa@ lisacohen.org

Phone: (310) 963-3244

Natalia Garcia

Head of Public Affairs

ngarcia@ commonsense.org

Phone: (202) 739-1322

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